Office Procedures for Heavy Uterine Bleeding

We offer the latest technology in endometrial ablation. The procedure is done in our office and under local anesthesia. The uterine cavity is evaluated with a scope, then the thermal balloon is introduced. Once introduced, the balloon is heated for 8 minutes to damage the endometrium and stop the ongoing heavy periods. This procedure might only cost you the office co-pay.

Endometrial Ablation
Heavy uterine bleeding is a very common gynecologic problem. In some women this problem can be severe enough to cause painful cramps, anemia and chronic fatigue. There are a variety of causes for the bleeding such as hormonal disturbance, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, endometrial hyperplasia, or cancer. Treatment of the condition is dependent on the cause.

In women who are unresponsive to hormonal control, endometrial ablation is good alternative to hysterectomy. Endometrial ablation is a procedure where all or part of the uterus (endometrium) is removed or destroyed in an effort to improve vaginal bleeding.

While some patients will cease to have menstrual periods, others may continue to have periods of a lighter flow. While many methods are available to perform ablation, the most common use is through electro-surgical devices. The procedure usually requires general anesthesia and can be performed as outpatient surgery. The entire procedure takes about twenty minutes. Post-operative pain is minimal, and the patient is able to return to normal activities in one to two days. This procedure is not indicated for women who desire future fertility or have suspected uterine malignancy.

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